From the TV anime “Laid-Back Camp△ Season 2”, the new product “Omoro Style Curry With Pig’s Feet” has been released on October 22, 2021. It is available on Asunarosha official online shop and others.

In episode 4 of “Laid-Back Camp△ Season 2”, the protagonist Shima Rin goes camping in Iwata city, Shizuoka. She buys “Iwata Specialty Omoro Curry” as a souvenir for Ogaki Chiaki, who is too busy at her part-time job to go out to somewhere.
The released product is ready to eat curry that recreates “Iwata Specialty Omoro Curry” with stewed pig’s feet. “Omoro” is a traditional dish in Iwata city that stewed pig’s feet with sugar and soy sauce. The curry cooked with such “Omoro” is called “Omoro Curry”.

Please taste the curry while watching the anime at home or immerse yourself in the anime’s world-view while cooking the curry during solo-camping.

“Omoro Style Curry With Pig’s Feet” is available in two package designs , and both are priced at 648 JPY (incl. tax). It is available on Asunarosha’s official online shop and roadside stations from October 22.

Product Information
1. Available Period: Friday, October 22, 2021 ~ *The products will sequentially be released, and the arrival of the products may differ at each store.
2. Sales Places:
・Asunarosha’s Official Online Shop
・Bushuya (TEL.0556-62-0331)
・Minobusan Ropeway (TEL.0556-62-1081)
・Koshu Miyage Nagataniya (TEL. 0556-62-1250)
・Fujimiya In Front of Isawaonsen Station (TEL.055-262-2706)
・Roadside Station Toyotomi (TEL.055-269-3421)
・Roadside Station Fujikawa (TEL.0556-48-8700)
・Roadside Station Fujiyoshida (TEL.0555-21-1033)
・Roadside Station Narusawa (TEL.0555-85-3900)
・Roadside Station Doshi (TEL.0554-52-1811)
・Roadside Station Tomizawa (TEL.0556-66-2260)

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