An online lottery “BLACK & ROCK” featuring new illustrations of Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Byakuya, Hitsugaya Toushirou, and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from the TV anime “BLEACH” is now available. It is currently on sale at “Kujihikido”.
In addition, the set of rings worn by Ichigo and his friends with the same illustration is also available for pre-order at the online store “”.

“BLEACH” online lottery “BLACK &ROCK” prizes include “Choice of life-size cloth posters” for the S prize, “Mofumofu blanket” for the A prize, “Acrylic stand figure” for the B prize, and “Acrylic” for the C prize. The lineup also includes “key chains”, “mini colored paper” for the D prize, and “76mm tin badge” for the E prize.

For the lottery, you can get a “heart-shaped tin badge” for a 10-series set, and an “accessory stand” for a 20-series set. The accessory stand is allows you to decorate the place with accessories while setting the prize B “acrylic stand figure”.

In addition, the official account of “Kujihikido” is also running a follow-up and retweet campaign and presents “Mini Colored Image 4 people ver.”, which will be won by 10 people by lottery.

The other one, “BLEACH” set ring is a set of rings of 2 pieces that visualise each character from the “BLACK & ROCK”. One engraved with each character’s name and lines is simple and easy to use, and the other one, which is associated with each character’s motif, has a bold and unique eye-catching design.
You can use it separately according to the scene, or stack it with two, and you can enjoy it while freely arranging it according to the clothes and feelings of the day.

“BLEACH” online lottery “BLACK & ROCK” is priced at 715 JPY (tax included) for one try. The shipping fee will be 550 JPY (tax included) nationwide for up to 20 items even if you order multiple times. “Kujihikido” is on sale until 11:59 A.M. on October 28, and is scheduled to be shipped from late December to mid-January 2022.

(C) Kubo Tite / Shueisha, TV Tokyo, dentsu, Pierrot4