The latest figure of Matsumoto Rangiku, a character from the anime “BLEACH” has been announced. Pre-orders for “G.E.M. Series ‘BLEACH’ Matsumoto Rangiku Arrancar Arc” are currently available on Premium Bandai.

The product is a figure of Matsumoto Rangiku from “BLEACH”, where the anime adaptation of the final chapter has been confirmed, under the lineup of “G.E.M. Series”. This is the latest figure of the character since the re-sale of the excellent model BLEACH series in 2009, which is approximately 12 years ago.

In order to recreate the strength and beauty of Rangiku, the scene of her using Shikai, the first stage to unleash the sword’s power, was chosen. The alluring body, charming lips, and the beauty of curly fluttering hair are created to make your heart beats faster. Do check out the effect parts of the Zanpakutou (Shikai ‘Haineko’) that surrounds her body.

“G.E.M. Series ‘BLEACH’ Matsumoto Rangiku Arrancar Arc” is priced at 17,600 JPY (tax included), and the shipping is scheduled for June 2022.

“G.E.M. Series ‘BLEACH’ Matsumoto Rangiku Arrancar Arc”
Price: 17,600 JPY (tax included)
Delivery Date: Schedule for June 2022

Set’s Content
・Fully Painted Complete Figure… 1
・Specialized Pedestal… 1
Product Material: PVC, ABS
Recommended Age: Age 15 and above
Product Size: Approximately 240 mm
Pre-order Limit: Up to 3 units per person
Seller: Mega House Co., Ltd.

(C) Kubo Tite/ Shueisha, TV Tokyo, dentsu, Pierrot