Only award presentation event for anime x interindustry collaboration in Japan called “Kyoto Animonozukuri Award” announced award- winning works for general grand prix and other genres in “Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2021”. Among 202 applicants, the animation ads by Lotte Corporation titled “Kokoro Yohou” (Heart Forecast in English; Collaboration movie for “Pink Valentine” by “Eve x Ghana”) won the general grand prix.

“Kokoro Yohou (“Eve x Ghana” “Pink Valentine” Collaboration Movie)” is the original animation ads that delivers the exctitement of love unique to the Valentine’s Day of 3 female high school students, who feels a bit embarrasseding to both receive or give a chocolate on the day, through their product Ghana chocolate from LOTTE Corporation.
The ad has beenis watched over 45 million views on YouTube, and received high scores for its high quality and result.

<Full comments are below>
From the Selection Committee:

Now it’s the 4th contest of Animonozukuri Award, and we received over 200 applicants, which is the highest number we ever had, and a quality of each work seemed high overall with well-thought strategies and uniqueness and great creativitye. It is because the number and quality of business collaborations increased due tothat come from the raise in awareness among business regarding the importance of marketing strategy, which derives from the nationwide hit of anime that caused increase in anime fans. While change in sales promotion and communication strategy is requiredis forced to make change due to Ccovid-19 pandemic, some business continued to make a big hit using the characters and anime, could be another reason why the applicants increased this far.

Moreover, there were many applications forvotes to new genre, “Regional Revitalization Award” and we could tellwitnessed that anime, manga, and characters are being used for regional revitalization around Japan. Anime, manga, and characters seem to be becomingare now the necessary factors in business and organization’s communication and marketing.

We Animonozukuri Award Selection Committee, arewill going to make further opportunities and information release that will be useful for various business and organization through award presentation, seminars, and gatherings.

Lastly, we would like to appreciate the cooperation from all the participants, business and organization who applied for the event, Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2021 Organization Committee members, KYOTO Cross Media Experience Organization Committee members, Anime Tourism Association, Character Data Bank Co., Ltd., City of Kyoto, Japan Film Commission, Tokyo Otaku Mode Co., Ltd., Peatix Japan Co., Ltd., the selection committee members of this contest, and others who supported this event to become successful, for supporting this event.

General Grand Prix and award winners for each award are listed below.
※Inside the parenthesis is the business name.

【General Grand Prix】
Kokoro Yohou (“Eve x Ghana” “Pink Valentine” Collaboration Movie) (LOTTE Corporation)

【Animation CM Award】
Golden Award: Kokoro Yohou (“Eve x Ghana” “Pink Valentine” Collaboration Movie) (LOTTE Corporation)

Silver Award: CIVIC x Evangelion (Honda Motor Company, Ltd.) Bronze Award: CONNECTED (JVC Kenwood Holdings Inc.)

【Contents Collaboration Award】
Golden Award: Thermae Romae × Italy Travelogue (Embassy of Italy)
Silver Award: Deko-pita! Cells at Work! presented by Pabron (Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) Bronze Award: Publicity Activity for Treatment Research on New Covid-19 Virus Through the Collaboration with “March Comes in Like a Lion” (NCGM Disease Control & Prevention Center)

【Original Contents Award】
Golden Award; Soba e~Sun Shower~ (MARUI GROUP CO., LTD)]

Silver Award: “Tokimeki wa Sugu Soba ni” Series (Seven Eleven Japan)

Bronze: Zutto, Motto, Tsunaguzo. au (KDDI Co., Ltd.)

【Craft Design Award】
Golden Prize: COBRA x Traditional Craft (Midland Creation Co., Ltd.)

Silver Prize: General Demon (Diamond Power Ver.) (Castem IRON FACTORY CO., LTD)

Bronze Prize: Calpis Emotional Bottle (Asahi Group Holdings)

【Technology & Innovation Prize】
Golden Prize: Deko Pita! Cells at Work presented by Pabvlon (Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Silver Prize: Experiment Movie “URVAN” (City Sasebo City/Toei Animation Co., Ltd./Nagasaki International University)

Bronze Prize: Possessive Boyfriend Twitter version (Sony Music Solutions Co., Ltd.)

【International Prize】
Golden Prize: Aimido x Sword Art Online: Alicization “This Satisfaction Reaches to the New World” Campaign (Nisshin Food Products Co., Ltd. (China))

Silver Prize: Aimido x Kaguya-sama: Love is War “Genius Quality” (Nisshin Food Products Co., Ltd. (China))

Bronze Prize: FUNCTION HERO (Casio Computer Co., Ltd.)

【Regional Revitalization Prize】
Golden Prize: Evangelion x Hakone 2020 MEET EVANGELION IN HAKONE (The Odakyu Group/Fujita Kanko Co., Ltd./Hakone DMO)

Silver Prize: Regional Revitalization Activities under the collaboration with the TV anime “Let’s Make a Mug Too” (Tajimi,. Gifu Pref.)

Bronze: Saga Prefecture Kamimine City Short Movie “Chinzei Hachiro TametomoMinamoto no Tametomo” (Kamimine City Council from Saga Prefecture)

【Special Prize Award】
Maruyama Masao Prize: TAMAYA Anime CM “Entrusted Will” (Tamaya Pawn Shop)
Regional Revitalization Special Award: Otori Danji (“Otori Danji” Production Committee)

<Management Side Information>
Central Management Committee: Animonozukuri Award Management Committee
Co-Sponsors: Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2021 Management Committee, KYOTO Cross Media Experience Management Committee

<Corporate Partners>
Anime Tourism Association

Character Data Bank Co., Ltd.
City of Kyoto
Japan Film Commission
Tokyo Otaku Mode Co., Ltd.
Peatix Japan Co., Ltd.

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