The smartphone game “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” will hold limited-time events, “Rerun Scary Monsters! ~Screaming halloween show~” and “Rerun Scary Monsters! Limited-Time Pick-Up Summon”, from September 22, 2021.

“Rerun Scary Monsters! ~Screaming halloween show~” is a limited-time event where you can enjoy the story and stamp mission.
Halloween has arrived at “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland”. Halloween…… It is a special day that both the living and ghosts have fun together. Before the once-a-year festival, the students in Night Ravens College are becoming restless. Ghost costumes, a variety of decorations, and a lot of treat!
The students are making arrangements in high spirits to welcome the greatest Halloween ever, but……

The story for event is composed of a total of 5 chapters, which will be distributed in three times. As you progress to read stories, you will obtain a card of limited costume -Scary Dress-.

In “Rerun Scary Monsters! Limited-Time Pick-Up Summon”, which will be held at the same time, different pick-up summon will be available for each period so that you will obtain time-limited card for each period. The cards lineup will be “SSR Cater -Scary Dress-”, “SSR Jade -Scary Dress-”, “SSR Vil -Scary Dress-”, “SR Jack -Scary Dress-”, “SR Azul -Scary Dress-”, and “SR Lilia -Scary Dress-”.

Please check out the official website or “Notice” in the game for more details.

“Rerun Scary Monsters! ~Screaming halloween show~” and “Rerun Scary Monsters! Limited-Time Pick-Up Summon” will be held from September 22 at 4:00 PM to October 18 at 2:59 PM, 2021. (*the illustrations shown are the figures before Groovy)

●”Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” Information
・Title: Disney: Twisted-Wonderland
・Genre: Villains School Adventure Game
●Staff Credit
Original, Main Scenario, Character Design: Toboso Yana Supported by SQUARE ENIX
Planning, Distribution: Aniplex

(C)Disney. Published by Aniplex