September 6 is “Young sister’s day”.

This day was decided by Hatada Kunio, who is the pioneer of brother/sister inheritance grouping research, for being the middle of the main period of Virgo (August 23 to September 22). Hatada is also known for advocating younger brother’s day for March 6, younger sister’s day for September 6, and older sister’s day for December 6.

Younger sisters are necessary for both anime and games. They are depicted in many ways; they are sometimes kind and cute, rebellious, more reliable than her older siblings, etc. Among many young sisters, who is the most popular sister?

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted the annual reader’s survey titled, “Who is your favorite ‘younger sister’ character?”. A total of 246 people answered the survey between August 20 to August 27. The female readers made up the majority with approximately 70%, while the male readers made up approximately 30%. For the age group, the younger generations made up the majority, with minors making up approximately 50% and 20’s made up approximately 30%.

■ Sisters with high combat skills ranked high!

1st Place

The 1st place went to Sera Masumi from “Detective Conan”. The support rating was approximately 10%.

Sera Masumi is the younger sister of Akai Shuuichi, the FBI agent, and the professional shogi player Haneda Hideyoshi. The comments mentioned her charming attitude shown only to her brothers, “She is a boyish female high school student and a detective, but her facial expression changes into the one of a younger sister, when talking about her brothers” and “Her younger sister characteristic is cute, which is only shown when facing her older brothers”.
Other comments mentioned her activeness in the latest movie released this year by saying, “She was reliable because she played the major role as the Akai family in ‘Scarlet Bullet’”.

2nd Place
The 2nd place was Kagura from “Gintama”. She was only a few votes behind the top.

Kagura is the younger sister of Kamui, who is the 7th division leader of the Space Pirates Harusame. She is popular for treasuring her family members with complicated relationships, “She often fights with her older brother Kamui, but is wonderful to see they help each other when they are in trouble” and “While struggling with her own blood of Yato clan, she stays as a fantastic younger sister that faces her delinquent older brother and cloddy father”.

3rd Place
The 3rd place was Kamado Nezuko from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. The support rating was approximately 6%.

Nezuko is traveling with her older brother Tanjirou, who strives to bring her sister into human from her current state, which is a demon. The readers mentioned her for her combat scenes by saying, “She has both strength to fight with her brother, not only being protected, and cuteness, therefore she is the target of my respect” and “She is cool because she sides with humans for her brother even after she became a demon”.

■ Introducing other commets!

Tanizaki Naomi from “Bungo Stray Dogs”: “She has a brother-loving atmosphere and is always together with Junichirou-san caring about what others think.. You will normally be overwhelmed, but it is understandable with Naomi-chan, and I hope one day someone will love me like her.”
Doma Umaru from “Himouto! Umaru-chan”: “She is the perfect, beautiful female high school student that everyone would feel jealous, but she turns into a cute (like a small animal), selfish being inside the house. She is ultimate being, which has two opposite sides.”

Nanaly from “Code Geass: Relouch the Rebellion”: “The protagonist Relouch risks his life to change the world all because he wants to make the world where her sister can live peacefully. She is the one of the main character that moves the story.”
Shiba Miyuki from “The Irregular at Magic High School”: “Miyuki working hard for her older brother is very cute. They are the perfect siblings” and “It’s because she is supporting her older brother, Shiba Tatsuya!”.
There were votes to the characters in the ongoing spin-off anime.

The brother-lovers ranked high in this ranking. They sometimes fight, but they will show love for their siblings in trouble ranked high.

■ Ranking Top 20
[Who is your favorite “Younger sister” character?]
1st: Sera Masumi from “Detective Conan”
2nd: Kagura from “Gintama”
3rd: Kamado Nezuko from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”
4th: Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa) from “Sword Art Online”
5th: Tanizaki Naomi from “Bungo Stray Dogs”
6th: Shiba Miyuki from “The Irregular at Magic High School”
6th: Hikigaya Komachi from “My Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected”
8th: Doma Umaru from “Himouto! Umaru-chan”
9th: Nanaly from “Code Geass: Relouch the Rebellion”
9th: Haibara Ai from “Detective Conan”
9th: Rem from “Re:Zero- Starting New Life in Another World”
12th: Aohitsugi Nemu from “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-“
12th: Kurosawa Ruby from “Love Live! Sunshine!!”
12th; Shiro from “No Game No Life”
12th: Fujibayashi Ryou from “CLANNAD”
16th: Azusagawa Kaede from “Rascal Does Not Dream of A Bunny Girl Senpai”
16th: Izumi Sagiri from “Eromanga Sensei”
16th: Kousaka Yukiho from “Love Live!”
16th: Matsuoka Gou from “Free!”
16th: Yamada Aoi from “WORKING!!”

(Survey Conducted: August 20 to August 27, 2021)

※ This survey is the part of the research on “the interest and attention toward current anime and characters”. The result does not determine the superiority nor inferiority between the characters or works. Please use this survey as the method to learn about new works and characters.