The application game to educate the high school boys affiliated with the wind ensemble club, “Wind Boys!” will be released on November 15, 2021. At the same time, the pre-registration on App Store has started, and the updated information on the rewards of the “Pre-registration” has been released.

“Wind Boys!” is a smartphone application and computer browser game where you can enjoy educating the high school boys that are affiliated with the wind ensemble club. Currently, the number of pre-registration has exceeded 100,000 people.
The main protagonist is a newly appointed teacher, who returns to his/her hometown Kanazawa, is attached to “Ishikawa Prefecture Ibuki High School”. The story will be about the main protagonist reviving the abandoned “Wind Ensemble Club” that was once known to be the strongest with the amazing freshman.

It was announced that the release date for “Wind Boys” is on November 15, 2021. The pre-registration for App Store has also started.
The SSR card illustrations of the 26 characters have been released. It was also revealed that the owner of the jazz cafe, Mochizuki Takashi (voiced by Miyauchi Atsushi) and the vice principal of Ibuki High School (voiced by Nakao Ryuusei) are the new sub-characters along with “Ushio Sensei”, “Masuda Sensei”, and “Liam”.

The updated information on the gorgeous rewards given based on the number of pre-registration under the “Pre-registration Campaign” has been released.
As the pre-registration has exceeded 100,000 people, the “A total of 1,050 Notes (can be used to gacha 3 times) + ‘Extra’ Tutorial Gacha 2 SSR Card’ will be given.
If the pre-registration has exceeded 120,000 people, “A total of 2,100 Notes (can be used to gacha 6 times) + ‘Extra’ 1 Selectable SSR Card upon completion of the beginner task” will be given, for 150,000 people, “”A total of 3,500 Notes (can be used to gacha 10 times)” will be given, and for 200,000 people, “1 Selectable SR Card” will be given.

Also, regarding the pre-registration reward for 200,000 people, a campaign that is linked to the official YouTube Program “Please tell me! Wind Ensemble Broadcast Committee” is currently being held. If the cumulative views of #1 to #4 has exceeded 20,000, The “SR Card” will be upgraded to “SSR Card”. As you just need to follow the official Twitter for the pre-registration, so do take this chance to pre-register if it caught your interest.

The smartphone application game and PC browser game “Wind Boys!” will start on November 15, 2021, on PC (browser version)/ App Store/ Google Play.