The travel guide book “Zombie Land Saga Travelers Guide” that re-enacted the world setting of TV anime “Zombie Land Saga” will be reprinted due to its good sales.

“Zombie Land Saga Travelers Guide” is a travel guide book that was released on July 29, 2021.
It is a popular product as the sale announcement tweet was seen by more than 960,000 times, and it was sold out on the online bookstores, and the bookstore in Tokyo and the holy ground, Saga. The reprinted issue was announced to be released on August 25.

“Zombie Land Saga Travelers Guide” is priced at 1,400 JPY (tax excluded) and it is available at the bookstore.
Also, the life-sized panels of Franchouchou are displayed on the storefront of certain bookstores in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka, and certain parts within Saga Prefecture.

(C) Zombie Land Saga Production Committee
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