Smartphone app based on “Jobless Reincarnation” called “Jobless Reincarnation ∼Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu (I also will do my best if I became a game)~” is holding the 2nd summer event titled “Suspicious Resort Island Fake Detective Roxy~” from July 29, 2021. Roxy, Zenis, and Sylphy are wearing cute swimsuits and appeared in gacha as ★5 characters.

“Suspicious Resort Island ~Fake Detective Roxy~” is the original event story in the game, which depicts Roxy and her friends arriving at a desert island called “Zenpou Kouen Island”, where Rudeus stays.

Roxy enjoys the resort island by purchasing unique food and eat that at the bar, although she has no clue where Rudeus is.
However, on the next day, Roxy wakes up with a headache and spots the bar being destroyed, as it was hit by a hurricane. What did happen at the bar? Detective Roxy begins to move to find the truth.

This event is holding gacha, which lines up “【Swimsuit Detective】Roxy”, “【Tropical Summer】 Elinalize”, “【Friend at the shore】Sylphiet” and “【Mermaid at the Beach】Zenis” as ★5 characters. They will boost the number that can be obtained.
Moreover, by accomplishing goals of “Suspicious Resort Island”, exclusive ★4 “【Angel at the beach】Sylphy” will be given.

“Jobless Reincarnation I also will do my best if I became a game~” 2nd summer event “Suspicious Resort Island ~Fake Detective Roxy~” will be held until August 25.

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