The apparel and general goods inspired by the emblems, such as “King of Heart”, and the techniques, such as “Darkness Finger”, from the anime “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” have been announced. Pre-orders are available on Bandai’s character fashion website “Bandai Fashion Collection”.

This is the second lineup of the apparel and general goods of “Mobile Fighter G Gundam” as the first lineup had received great feedback. The design for the second lineup features the emblem “King of Heart” and the character’s techniques, which are “Darkness Finger” and “Sekiha Tenkyouken (Lit. Rock-breaking Sky-shocking Fist)”.

The lineup consists of the 9 types of products, which are the popular “Hand Pocket Cushion” of the first lineup, “Full-color T-shirt”, 2 types of “T-shirt”, “Rucksack”, “Acrylic Stand”, “Carabiner Pouch”, “Full-color Muffle Towel”, and “Mug”. So, do get your hand on your favourite product of “Mobile Fighter G Gundam”.

The price for the products are as follow and it doesn’t include the delivery fee and handling fee.
“Full-color T-shirt”: 3,960 JPY;
“T-shirt”: 3,960 JPY;
“Rucksack”: 1,980 JPY;
“Acrylic Stand”: 1,870 JPY;
“Carabiner Pouch”: 2,090 JPY;
“Full-color Muffle Towel”: 2,750 JPY;
: 2,530 JPY.

Pre-orders are available on “Bandai Fashion Collection” until 11:00 PM, on August 27, and the delivery is scheduled for September.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise