The collaboration of the anime “Sound! Euphonium” and Kyoto Tower Hotel has been decided. The first anime collaboration room in Kyoto Tower Hotel is called “Sound! Kitauji High School Brass Band Club” will be open for one room per day only from August 1, 2021.

The anime was produced based on Takeda Ayano’s novel “Sound! Euphonium” and the direction under Kyoto Animation and the story takes places around Uji, Kyoto. There was Kyoto Tower in one scene of the TV anime.

The collaboration room is the concept room designed under the theme, “the activity record of Kitauji High School Brass Band Club” at their hometown.
On the wall art, the new illustrations of the characters (Oumae Kumiko, Katou Hazuki, Kawashima Saphire, Kousaka Reina, and Tsukamoto Shuuichi), the important scenes chosen from season 1 to the latest series, and the handwritten messages from the successive club captains and the protagonist Oumae Kumiko are displayed.

Moreover, the competition trophy (TV series season 1: Kansai Competition), the competition certificate (TV series season 1: Osaka Competition/National Competition), and the musical score hiding machine, score board, and school mark have been recreated. The visitor can feel Kitauji High School Brass Band Club closer than ever before.

Furthermore, the Blu-ray disks for TV series and the movie of “Sound! Euphonium” are standing by with the projector, and the guest can watch the episode quietly in the room.

The clear file with the original key visual design will be given for first 300 visitors, and this is another reason why you should stay at the room. Also from September, as the commemoration for the collaboration room, the goods that use the collaboration room’s original design will be sold at Kyoto Tower exhibition room.

Detailed information on collaboration room plan prices and reservation method is on the official website.

© Takeda Ayano, Takarajimasha/”Sound!” Production Committee