“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” teams up with eyeglasses brand “Zoff” to deliver a new collaborative eyewear line. The character-inspired glasses are themed after Madoka and her comrades, and also come with cleaning cloths with illustrations of Kyubey and the witches. Pre-orders are currently available at the “Zoff Official Online Store”.

Celebrating the TV Anime’s 10th anniversary, the collaborative eyeglasses “Zoff X Paella Magi Madoka Magica”, feature different designs based on each of the magical girls’ personalities and colors.
The lineup contains 5 models: “Kaname Madoka”, “Akemi Homura”, “Tomoe Mami”, “Miki Sayaka”, and “Sakura Kyoko”.

“Kaname Madoka” has a pink-colored frame, designed after her soul gem. Her weapon (bow) is engraved on the frame’s sides.

The “Akemi Homura” model comes in black, symbolizing her cool personality. It has miniatures of her weapon (shield) on the sides of the frames.

The “Tomoe Mami” model is a Boston-type pair, which embodies her gentle older sister-like nature. Metal parts of her weapon (musket gun) are found on the sides of the frame.

The “Miki Sayaka” model personifies her brave and cheerful disposition, and is colored in blue. Sayaka’s weapon (sword) decorates the frame while connecting the rim to the sides of the glasses.

The “Sakura Kyoko” model features a square frame representing her strong and fiery temper. Shaped in metal parts on the sides, Kyoko’s weapon (spear) is the highlight of this model.

The original cases that come with each pair feature an exclusive original illustration, also including a wiping cloth & acrylic stand. Four extra wiping cloths with illustrations of Kyubey and the witches are also available.

“Zoff X Puella Magi Madoka Magica” eyeglasses are sold for 11,100 JPY each (tax included), whereas the extra wiping cloths are 500 JPY per individual cloth (tax included). Pre-orders are available exclusively at the Zoff Official Online Store for a limited period, from July 28 to August 22, 2021. The glasses are expected to ship around February 2022.

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