From the TV anime “Fire in His Fingertips 2: My Boyfriend is a Firefighter”, the synopsis and sneak peek from the episode 4 “You Can Just Call me As It Is.”, which was broadcast on July 25 (Sun), has been released.

The first season of the anime “Fire in His Fingertips: My Childhood Friend is a Firefighter” was aired and streamed in July 2019, and is based on the teen romantic manga “Fire in His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Ravishes Me with His Smoldering Gaze,” which was ranked number one on many e-comic distribution sites.
In the second season, Ryo and Sohma finally become lovers and spend their lovey-dovey days more deeply connected both mentally and physically, but then Ryo’s ex-boyfriend Rei appears …….

The title of the fourth episode is “You Can Just Call me As It Is.”
Sohma can’t say anything to Ryo about his reunion with Rei. In order to cheer him up, his coworkers Izumi and others make a plan.

Ryo, on the other hand, sees Rei, who is still as friendly as ever, and remembers the old days with a sad expression on her face. But then Rei encounters something he is not very good at, and there is no time for that.

What kind of strategy will the firefighters use, and what exactly is it that Rei encounters? It looks like it’s going to be another turbulent episode.

Episode 4 “You Can Just Call me As It Is.” of “Fire in His Fingertips 2: My Boyfriend is a Firefighter” started airing on TOKYO MX and BS11 from July 25 (Sun), 2021.

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