From the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam”, a T-shirt, general goods, and other items, inspired by MS (Mobile Suits), will be released under the “MS Motif Project”. Pre-orders are currently available on the character fashion website by Bandai, “Bandai Fashion Collection”.

“MS Motif Project” features items inspired by the popular Mobile Suits from “Mobile Suit Gundam”, such as “Beam Saber” and “Shield” of Gundam, and “Heat Hawk” of Zaku. The lineup consists of 5 items, a T-shirt, a tote bag, room shoes, a cushion, and a mascot pouch. Along with these items, pre-orders for the items from “MS Narikiri Project”, a T-shirt, boxer briefs, and socks, are also available. Please enjoy matching some items together.

The price (incl. tax / excl. shipping and handling fee) for each item is following; T-shirt 3,960 JPY each, Tote Bag 2,420 JPY each, Room Shoes 4,620 JPY each, Cushion 4,180 JPY each, Mascot Pouch 2,530 JPY each. Pre-orders are available on “Bandai Fashion Collection” until 11:00 p.m. on August 9, 2021, and the shipping is scheduled for September 2021.

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise