From “Evangelion”, new goods, including boxer briefs inspired by A.T. Field, a carabiner inspired by Eva and NERV, and a pass holder inspired by Unit-01 and Ayanami, have been released. Pre-orders are currently available on “Animo”.

“EVANGELION Boxer Briefs” are available in 2 designs, A.T. Field and The Beast.

“EVANGELION Full Color Pass Holder” is available in 3 designs, Unit-01, Ayanani Rei, and Shikinami Asuka Langley.

“EVANGELION Carabiner S-Type” is available in 2 designs, Unit-02 and Unit-00. The lineup also includes a reel key chain, genuine leather key case, and sticker inspired by NERV.

Pre-orders for new “Evangelion” goods are currently available on “Animo” until July 22, 2021.