From the TV anime “Higurashi: When They Cry -SOTSU-“, the sneak peek for episode 3 “Oni Akashi Arc 3” (scheduled on July 8) was revealed.

The original work of “Higurashi: When They Cry” (a.k.a. Higurashi) is the horror mystery novel by Ryukishi07/07th Expansion. It is about the mysterious incidents occurring at the isolated village Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983 (Showa 58).

Episode 1 “Oni Akashi Arc 1” and episode 2 “Oni Akashi Arc 2” were broadcast at the same time on the previous week.
In June of 1983, Keiichi moves to Hinamizawa Village and enjoys his life in the village. One day, Rena learns that her father devotes most of his money to his hostess, Mamiya Rina. Realizing that she broke the bonds of her family when she was young, she decides to fight with the people, who are about to crash her family once again…

“Higurashi: When They Cry -SOTSU-“ Episode 3 “Oni Akashi Arc 3” is scheduled on Thursday, July 8, 2021, at TOKYO MX and other channels.

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