New RPG based on “Re:Zero-Starting New Life in Another World” called “Re:Zero Forbidden Book and the Mysterious Spirit” will be released in July, 2021.

“Re:Zero Forbidden Book and the Mysterious Spirit” is the new RPG, in which Subaru lives the original story, seeking for “the Forbidden Book”.

The story begins from the scene in which Remu privately enters the forest, where the beast Ulgarum lives, to rescue Subaru, who got cursed for helping the children of Irlam Village. Subaru chases Rem together with Ram, but gets in trouble of being attacked by Ulgarlm in abnormal form, after successfully assembling and letting them escape. Whom helped them in such trouble is “the mysterious spirit”, who appears from “the forbidden book” that Subaru accidentally snitched from the mansion.

The release is decided in July, and the last campaign where you can double the chance of winning ★5 rare character has begun. The fans who have not yet met their favorite characters should participate in this campaign. The detailed information is at the pre-reservation website.

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