The schedule planner “Shikaro” is for otaku who “wants to know all schedules related to my love”, “cannot follow everything since there is too much information”, and “misses the schedule unintendedly”. This app “Shikaro” will be released at the end of June. In advance to the release, the voting project “Oshi Matsuri 2021” (Promotion Festival 2021) will be held.

“Oshi Maturi 2021” is the event on Twitter, with the participants’ tweet posted with “#Oshi Matsuri 2021 (#推し祭り2021)” and “#Name of work”, the users can promote their favorite work to the schedule planner app “Shikaro”.
The management side can learn which work is currently popular, while the users not only can find others who have same taste, they get opportunities to find new work that they have never seen before.

“Oshi Matsuri 2021” will be held until 9:59AM of June 23.
Among the voters chosen through lottery, “Amazon gift card”, “App Store& iTunes gift card”, “Google Play gift code”, and “PeX Point gift” of 3,000 JPY of your choice to 30 applicants. Moreover, there is a chance of winning special prize-10,000 gift card.

・3 Points to Enjoy “Oshi Matsuri 2021”
1. Choose your favorite work, talk its charm, and let others know about it
If you have your favorite work on the front page of the app, the comments can be posted by clicking the title. You can also directly type in the comments as well.
By adding passionate comments with the title, you can meet other fans and promote your favorite work. This applies to both people who usually do talk about your favorite, and those who do not. This is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas.

2. Vote the customized picture of Tsuzui-san, the otaku heart catcher
The users can choose shared pictures and color of your choice to customize yourself in addition to the comments. The choice of illustration can be chosen from LINE stamp created by the popular creator “Tsuzui-san”, and 56 original illustrations drawn specially for this event. Comments on the illustrations will precisely express the otaku’s emotions, including “Wow, this is a gift given by a god” and “This swamp going to be deep”.

3. This is a great chance for your favorite work to be added to “Shikaro”!
By notifying about your favorite work to the operators side, there is a possibility of the operators to add your favorite work to the schedule planner app “Shikaro”.