Collaboration items between “Mobile Suit Gundam” and ‘MIS’, a brand born in LA, have been released. Pre-orders are available on ‘Premium Bandai’.

This is a collaboration item between “STRICT-G.ARMS”, the collection line, which makes us picture the “Space Century”, which “Mobile Suit Gundam” is set in, as a real historical fact, and “MIS”, a brand born in LA, which is produced at a designated factory in California that meets the military standards (MIL-SPEC) set by the US Department of Defense.The items were produced in collaboration between “STRICT-G.ARMS”, which faithfully recreates “Universal Century” which “Mobile Suit Gundam” is set in, as if it had existed, and produces daily items with an army design, and ‘MIS’, a brand born in LA and produces its own items in a factory designated by California that meets MIL-SPEC, the military standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The line-up includes Backpack, Tote Bag, and Sling Bag with a simple silhouette, made with solid nylon, which is also used for military bags, purses, etc., featuring an excellent durability.

Moreover, T-shirt with a design of Zeon’s emblem, and Tactical Belt with a logo of Zeon’s mark, are also available.

Each item for STRICT-G.ARMS M.I.S. “Mobile Suit Gundam” are currently available for pre-order on ‘Premium Bandai’.

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise