Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. opened “MIRAIKEN studio” in their head office Bandai Namco Future Research Lab on May 26, 2021 as the place to innovate and notify the future styles of entertainment.

“MIRAIKEN studio” is the center of future entertainment production with xR technology, real-time motion capture, and high-quality LED displays with 4 sided stages. The opening ceremony movie was released and is currently available on YouTube.

“MIRAIKEN studio” is constructed of 2 studios-A and B. A studio’s walls and floors are all surrounded by LED and 4K 2.6mm pitch LED is used for the walls. These LEDs can project game videos beautifully. Moreover, by using “LEDxR”, the technology to mix and expand virtual reality, games and concert videos, the actors in reality can dive into the virtual reality to further their performance. Both performers and audience can exchange their feelings during the event no matter where they are.

B studio is expected to be used for motion capture shooting, steel shooting, radio recording and other purposes. By connecting the studio with A studio, the character motions can be projected with real time when using the motion capture technology, and the characters and performers can interact easily. A new experience is the aim of these technologies.

On Thursday May 27, there was “THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS NEXT LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT SESSION” from “Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls”, and an online entertainment event held by “Den-On-bu” on Friday, May 28.