The latest visual of the film “Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess” , that will be released on July 16, 2021, has been unveiled along with information of the new staff.

This is the latest work of director Hosoda Mamoru, who is known for “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, “Summer Wars”, and “Mirai”.
After losing her mother at a young age, the 17 year old girl, Suzu, who is living together with her father in the countryside of Kouchi, participates in the humongous internet virtual world, “U” as the diva “Belle”. The story unfolds when she encounter the dragon…

The latest visual depicts the diva Belle and the dragon looking at each other under the starry sky that is different from the trademark of director Hosoda, which is the “cumulonimbus cloud on the blue sky” that symbolize summer that can also be found in the poster of his historical works.

The design of the taboo dragon that is feared by everyone in the world of “U” has finally been unveiled. The designer is Akiya Kageichi, who has handled various book covers and attracts fans due to his precise fantasy world setting. Director Hosoda chose him personally by saying “The dragon drawn by this person is great!”.

Also, the role of art director for the world of “U” will be handled by Yamashita Takaaki, the teacher of director Hosoda during his time at Toei Video, as well as participated in all of Hosoda’s work after “Digimon: The Movie” and the art director of the actual world and character designer is handled by Aoyama Hiroyuki, who also participated in almost all of Hosoda’s work on the art setting.

Also, Ike Nobutaka, who is the art director of all the works of director Kon Satoshi, will be the art director while Joujou Anri, who handled the art of the internet virtual world “OZ” in “Summer Wars”, will handle the production design.
The CG director will be Horibe Ryou and Shimoyama Tomohisa, who are also the CG director of “Summer Wars”.
The new staff will participate in this work together with the worldwide creators that were announce earlier.

The online sale of the pre-movie voucher is now available. The campaign that will let you know more about the world before the release has started and is only limited to those who have purchased tickets. Various novelties are being prepared, including the early viewing on the photos and videos on the film creation process and the participation in social network only project.

The film “Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess” will be released nationwide in Japan’s theatres on July 16, 2021.

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