Collaboration Watch, featuring Akashi Kuniyuki, Hotarumaru, and others, by “Touken Ranbu -Online-” and “SuperGroupies”, has been released. Pre-orders are currently available on ‘SuperGroupies’.

‘Akashi Kuniyuki Model Watch’ is elegantly finished with a stylish overall design with a shining stone. The belt is bicolored with black and purple, inspired by Akashi Kuniyuki’s image. Indexes, made with red and yellow-green lead glass, recreating his eyes, are also designed.

‘Hotarumaru Model Watch’ is finished in a modern style, incorporating a beautiful gradation with fireflies. The board surface features fireflies inspired by the lining of his cloak, with chic coloring just like the style of dress. Red is used for the second hand as an accent color, which is reminiscent of a decorative ribbon.

The line-up also includes Aizen Kunitoshi Model and Houchou Toushirou Model.

Pre-orders for “Touken Ranbu -Online-” Collaboration Watch are now being accepted on ‘SuperGroupies’.

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