The production of the 4th season of the TV series of the anime “Overlord” has been decided. At the same time, the production of a completely new movie version was also announced, with comments from the original author, Maruyama Kugane, the character designer, so-bin, the director, Ito Naoyuki, and the series composer, Sugahara Yukie.

“Overlord” is a dark fantasy based on a light novel by Maruyama Kugane published by KADOKAWA. The story is about the main character, who is transferred to another world reminiscent of a virtual reality online game he used to play, and becomes Ainz, the strongest wizard in the form of a skeleton, and takes control of the world as the ruler of death.
The 1st season of the TV series was broadcasted in July 2015, the 2nd in January 2018, and the 3rd in July 2018.

The 4th season of the TV series, which has been decided to be produced, will be aired under the title “Overlord IV”. The details such as the broadcast timing will be announced later. In addition, it has been revealed that the “Holy Kingdom Arc” will be depicted in a completely new movie version. Further information on this will be announced later.

In the comments we received, the original author, Maruyama Kugane, said, “Don’t tell me how many episodes and to what extent, but frankly, I can hear the footsteps coming closer and closer behind me. It’s …… bad. I’d be happy if everyone could ignore the pressure the author feels and just enjoy the story!” We look forward to hearing more about the 4th season of the TV series and the completely new movie version.

“Original Story” by Maruyama Kugane
Finally, the information has been released, and Overlord will be animated again!
This will be the 4th season.
I’m not sure how many episodes I’m going to get, but I can honestly say I can hear it chasing me from behind. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great idea to have a good time. It’s really bad …….

“Character Design” by so-bin
My favorite volume, Volume 10, is finally being made into a movie.
I’d like to experience the excitement of reading the manuscript with a weird expression on my face.
I’m looking forward to it!

“Director” Ito Naoyuki
Finally, the 4th season of the anime and a new movie have been decided.
What will Ainz, who founded the Magic Kingdom, aim for next?
And what fate awaits the people who are at their mercy?
We are working diligently to create a visualization that will satisfy both fans of the original story and those who have been following the anime. Please look forward to it.

“Series Composition” Sugahara Yukie
What is happiness?
Even if you think you are unhappy, unlucky, or that this place is hell, from the perspective of those around you, it may be heaven. The opposite is also true.
–That’s what I’d like to talk about this time.
Thanks to all of you, the 4th season of the anime “Overlord” and the movie have been realized. I’m happy to be a part of it! I’ll do my best!

(C) Maruyama Kugane, KADOKAWA / Overlord 4 Production Committee