Gundam EXIA from ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00’ will join the action figure series ‘GUNDAM UNIVERSE’. The figure is titled ‘GUNDAM UNIVERSE GN-001 GUNDAM EXIA’ and is planned to be released in September 2021.

‘GUNDAM UNIVERSE GN-001 GUNDAM EXIA’ Gundam EXIA, the protagonist Setsuna F Seiei’s mobile suit, into a three-dimensional form. The figure is equipped with the GN sword, GN long blade, and GN short blade.

The GN sword can be stored, and the short and long GN blades can be attached to the mount racks on the legs. The stylish arrangement of the figure allows users to enjoy making poses in the show. The price will be 3,300 JPY (tax included).

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise