It has been announced that season 2 of the TV anime series, which will be the sequel to the anime “Made in Abyss,” will be broadcast in 2022. At the same time, the teaser visual was released.

“Made in Abyss” is an anime based on the manga with the same name by Tsukushi Akihito, which is serialized in “Comic Gamma”. Season 1 of the TV anime was released in 2017, two omnibus movies in 2019, and the movie “Made in Abyss: The Dawn of the Deep Soul” was released in 2020. The title of this sequel is “Made in Abyss Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou”.

In addition, the action RPG “Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling Into Darkness” will be released in 2022. In this game, the player descends into the world of Abyss and aims for the depths of Abyss . In addition to the story to relive the animation, there is also an original story supervised by the original author, Tsukushi Akihito, so you can fully enjoy the dark fantasy of the original style.

The TV anime “Made in Abyss Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou” will be broadcast in 2022. Detailed information about the schedule will be announced later.

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