The 2nd issue of the book that features “railroad scenes” from anime, “Anime to Tetsudou” (Anime and Railroads) has been announced.

“Kanzen Hozon-ban Anime to Tetsudou 2” (Complete Collector’s Edition Anime and Railroads) introduces the beautiful scenes by director Shinkai Makoto from “Weathering with You” and “Chizu ni Nokoru Shigoto” (a commercial for Taisei Corporation titled “Work Recorded on a Map”) and features an interview with director Nagai Tatsuyuki of “Her Blue Sky” and director Hosoda Mamoru of “Mirai”.

The book also includes content such as,
“Tetsudou wo Utsukushiku Egaita Anime” (Anime that Beautifully Depicted Railroads) which introduces anime with impressing railroad scenes like “Laid-Back Camp”, “Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl”, and “Kemurikusa” on facing pages,
and “Kyoto Animation no Utsukushii Tetsudou Scene” (Kyoto Animation’s Beautiful Railroad Scenes) which features railroad scenes by Kyoto Animation, an anime studio with an established reputation for their beautiful illustrations.
“Tetsudou × Seichi Junrei” and “Rapping Train Daishuugou” are contents for both anime and railroad fans, making this book true to its name of complete collector’s edition.

“Kanzen Hozon-ban Anime to Tetsudou 2” is priced at 1,980 JPY (tax included) , and will beis in stores from April 17, 2021.