A collaboration between Yuri manga “YuruYuri”, which has many anime adaptations, and Eizan Electric Railway in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, has been decided. During this time, various activities will be held, such as the wrapping vehicles with character images, posting of collaboration posters, the release of collaboration tickets, and many others.

“Yuruyuri” is a Yuri comedy manga serialized by Namori in “Comic Yurihime”.
The story is about four girls who illegally occupied the club room of an old tea ceremony club and call themselves “Amusement club,” and the “Student council,” who keeps an eye on them.
The cumulative manga sales from volume 1 to 18 have reached 4 million copies (including related books and e-books), as well as three TV anime series and OVA series so far.

During the collaboration period with Eizan Electric Railway, there will be things like wrapping vehicle using character images, posting of collaboration posters, sale of collaboration tickets, holding the “Eiden x Yuruyuri Collaboration Festa” for vehicle photography, exhibition, and sale, installation of character standby POP, and many others.

“Eiden x YuruYuri” collaboration poster for wrapping the train will be available from Jul. 4, 2020. “Eiden x YuruYuri Collaboration Festa” collaboration period starts from Jul. 24. Character Standy POP will be set up from Jul. 25.

(C) Namori Ichijinsha