“Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon -Memoria Frase-“, an RPG for smartphones based on “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon” has been currently holding the second part of the “Strike the Blood IV” collaboration event, “Otherworldly Beasts and Cursed Magic Swords: Flame Light Arc” from April 8, 2021, 11:00 a.m.

This collaboration event is about 1.5 times the size of the first part, “Encounter Arc”, and features a fully voiced scenario written by Mikumo Gakuto, and Omori Fujino, who are both authors and co-writers.
If you play, you will receive the collaboration character “★4 [Mitsurugi] Yukina” as a present.

Also, in the “Otherworldly Beasts and Cursed Magic Swords: Flame Light Arc Gacha” that will be held at the same time, the collaboration characters from “Strike the Blood IV” will be “Akatsuki Kojo (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa),” “Himeragi Yukina (CV: Taneda Risa),” and “Akatsuki Nagisa (CV: Hidaka Rina),” while “Welf ( (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa) in collaboration costumes from “DanMachi” will appear as new ★4 limited-time characters
In addition, there will be many other promotions such as the “Free 11 Gacha Every Day to Commemorate the Collaboration” and the “Collaboration Commemorative Login Bonus” that will be launched in conjunction with the “Flame Light Arc”.

The game is currently being streamed.

(C) Omori Fujino/SB Creative/DanMachi 3 Production Committee