The release of the BD & DVD of “PUI PUI Molcar” that ended on March 24, 2021, has been announced.

“PUI PUI Molcar” is a TV anime series directed by up-and-coming puppet anime creator, Misato Tomoki. Since the broadcast of the first episode, it has become a trend on Twitter and caused a huge storm in and outside of Japan.

As the BD & DVD comes with the endless looping function, you can enjoy the molcars in the “Endless Molcar” specification.

The pre-order limited edition Blu-ray comes with a “Potato’s Doll Multi-Stand” that you can use as a companion while watching the video or as a remote control stand. It also comes with a digital gallery that includes the art contents, 16-pages booklets that analysis on each episode and the character introduction, and other content that are irresistible for fans.

“PUI PUI Molcar” BD & DVD will be released on July 28, 2021. “Molcar Driving License” or “Original Mini Uchiwa” will be given upon purchase in certain stores.

(C) Misato Tomoki JGH, Shin-Ei Animation/ Molcars