“BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” is currently airing on TV Tokyo, and will enter a new chapter, ‘Kawaki arc “Kara” Gekitotsu’ in April 2021. A new visual has now been released.

The visual released this time shows the relationship between Bolt and Kawaki, who has come to stay in the Uzumaki family. It was drawn by Nishio Tetsuya, who is in charge of character design.

Also, a comment from the director of this work, Koda Masayuki, has arrived.

“BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS” is currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo. The new chapter ‘Kawaki- arc “Kara” Gekitotsu’ will start in April 2021.

Director Koda Masayuki Comment
The “Boruto” anime is now in its fifth year, and we’ve entered the long-awaited original episode!
Kawaki, a cool new character, has also appeared, and the story of the two of them and Boruto has begun to move forward!
I can’t take my eyes off what’s going to happen next. ……
What is the purpose of the “Kara”?
How will Bolt and the others stand up to Jigen?
I’m so excited!
All the staff will do their best to bring out the unique power of the anime! Please look forward to the ever-increasing excitement of “Boruto”!

(C) Kishimoto Masashi Scott/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Pierrot