The collection jewelries from “Disney Twisted Wonderland” is released from TAKE-UP. Advanced orders will begin from 11:00 AM of Mar. 18, 2021 at “TAKE-UP” official online stores.

This collection is inspired by 7 dormitories from the elite wizard school “Night Raven College”. This detailed jewelries were created nicely to recreate the world of “Disney Twisted Wonderland”.

“Heartslabyul” is recreated with a glass with a chess design in the heart shape and a crown motif. There is a delicate rose motif on the back.

For “Savanaclaw”, the jewel contains a color stone with a cabochon cut with a claw mark motif with the shape inspired by the dormitory mark.

“Octavinelle” jewelry combines silver and shining purple cubic zirconia.

“Scarabia” jewelry is created with the combination of garnet and black cubic zirconia to show the image color for “Scarabia” dormitory. A snake motif is secretly taken into the jewelry.

“Bomefiore” jewelry is designed with a crown, tussle, and a stone inspired by the dormitory. On the back, it has a poisonous apple motif.

A sharp and digital atmosphere of “Ignihyde” is recrated with a diamond-shaped glass and straight lines. A burning blue flame can be found in its shape.

“Diasomnia” is created from the dormitory sign. A peridot is pinned to the jewelry with 6 claws like a spinning wheel. A delicate curve and the dormitory color creates a soft and kind atmosphere.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland”‘s collection jewelry can be ordered in advanced at “TAKE-UP” official online store from 11:00 AM of Mar. 18, 2021. The products will be shipped with the special box inspired by a magical mirror.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland” Collection Jewelry