From R4G, a fusion brand of anime and fashion, items inspired by “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” have been released. A look book featuring complete outfits with the items, including knit tops
and maxi dress, has been revealed on the R4G official website.

The look book features complete outfits with the knit tops and maxi dress from the past collection, and a new necklace and bag that will be released in the 4th collection.

The items are inspired by 7 dorms of ‘Night Ravens College’, including Heartslabyul, Octavinelle, and Diasomnia. Taya Raimu, who made her debut as a kid fashion model, and has been featured on ‘non-no’ and ‘bis’, was appointed as a model.

“Disney TWISTED-WONDERLAND” R4G Collection R4G Collection LOOK BOOK is available on the R4G official website.