The “Gundam Dynames Repair III” that appeared in the “Gundam 00 Festival 10 Re:vision” event celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” will be sculpted for the first time ever in the action figure series “METAL BUILD”, and it will be released in stores in July 2021.

This item, “METAL BUILD Gundam Dynames Repair III” is the first ever three-dimensional version of Lockon’s mobile suit piloted by Laetitia Erde, “Gundam Dynames”, created by the strongest tag team of designers, Yanase Takayuki and Ebikawa Kanetake .

In addition to a new body with a heavy die-cast frame, the main armament, the GN Bazooka, and the GN shields on both shoulders are equipped with a number of newly interpreted mechanisms. It features overwhelming play value, combining the personalities of the Dynames, Virtue, and Nadleeh types.

The “METAL BUILD Gundam Dynames Repair III” will go on sale in stores in July for 23,000 JPY (excluding tax).

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise