‘Nakano Yotsuba’ and ‘Nakano Itsuki’ from the TV anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets∬” have appeared in the affordably-priced figure series ‘POP UP PARADE’ . They are available for pre-order at the ‘Good Smile Online Shop.’

‘POP UP PARADE’ is a figure series with a reasonable price, and can be decorated easily with its height being sized around 17 to 18cm. Also, it is a new series that delivers the product to customers at a relatively speedy pace.
As the 4th and 5th series of making Nakano sisters from the TV anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets∬” into ‘POP UP PARADE,’ the fourth-born ‘Nakano Yotsuba’ and fifth born ‘Nakano Itsuki’ are made into figures.

For ‘Nakano Yotsuba,’ she is brought into real-life posing with a big smile and peace-sign gesture, full of energy. Also, ‘Nakano Itsuki’ is figurized, posing with a calm smile on her face.
By gathering all of the Nakano sisters that are being sold separately, you can enjoy another layer from the world of “The Quintessential Quintuplets∬.”

“POP UP PARADE Nakano Yotsuba” and “POP UP PARADE Nakano Itsuki” are priced at 3,900 JPY (Tax Incl.) each. It is available for pre-order at ‘Good Smile Online Shop’ until 9:00 P.M., Mar. 17, 2021. The release of the products is planned for Jun. 2021.

(C) Haruba Negi・Kodansha/”The Quintessential Quintuplets∬” Production Committee (R)