From February 2021, each issue of the “Mazinger Z” weekly series will consist of the “Mazinger Z Gimmick Metal Gimmick Model”, which can be completed by assembling the parts attached to the metal gimmick model with a total height of about 75 cm. It will be launched on February 24.

“Iron Castle Mazinger Z Making a Giant Metal Gimmick Model” is a weekly series to create a “giant metal gimmick model” that completely reproduces “Mazinger Z” that fascinated children all over the country with a number of weapons when the anime broadcast started in December 1972.

When the main body with a total height of about 75 cm is stored in a “dedicated display stand”, the height is about 90 cm, which is an amazing scale feeling that has never been seen before.
Moreover, it is equipped with various elaborate gimmicks such as “light emission” and “action” that further enhance the attractiveness of the model. It is also nice to be able to reproduce each armed effect of “Mazinger Z” with a dedicated controller.

Despite its size and gimmicks, even beginners can easily assemble models by simply putting the parts that come with each week, following the directions of the “assembly guide”. Assembling the model with each issue “little by little” will make the fun of completion even more exciting.

The first issue of the weekly “Iron Castle Mazinger Z Making a Giant Metal Gimmick Model” will be released on February 24. The first issue is priced at 299 JPY (tax included), and the second and subsequent issues are 1,999 JPY (tax included).
If you apply for a “subscription” that will be shipped to your home with free shipping, everyone will receive a “special parts box”, “Kabuto Kouji figure and motorcycle”, etc. We also have a “premium subscription” where you can get valuable items such as “Kabuto Kouji figure and motorcycle” and “Jet Pilder” every 20th issues. See the special page for details.