Mazinger Z uses the movable gimmick to allows you to recreate action scenes within the series via the release of the SENTINEL figure series "RIOBOT".
Reservation now accepted at hobby merchandise handling stores.

This figure comes with the "Dynamic Scrander" a toy original armament developed at the Photon Power Laboratory.
This item can be enjoyed in a variety of modes via combinations of the iron swords and jet engine.

When the giant wings are stowed 'Shield Mode' is engaged. When deployed it transforms into the Deadliest Weapon 'Dynamic Breastfire'. With features like armour to protect the head section from Hover Pileder, a never before seen Mazinger Z is born.

RIOBOT Mazinger Z's price is 27,000 yen (tax inclusive) and is scheduled to be released in December 2019

(C) Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning