Pre-orders for 1/7 scale figures of Roxy and Sylphiette from the TV anime “Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu” have started. Pre-orders are available on the hobby EC website “F: NEX”, and other figure dealers.

“Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu” is based on the fantasy novel by Rifujin na Magonote published by “MF Books” (KADOKAWA).
The story is about hikikomori Rudeus, who reincarnated in the world of swords and magic, and overcoming his traumas from the previous life through various encounters, and the broadcast of TV anime started in January 2021.

This time, the heroines Roxy Migurdia and Sylphiette Greyrat will be released on a 1/7 scale. They are 3D items based on the limited illustrations drawn for “F: NEX”.

The “Roxy Migurdia 1/7 Scale Figure” is a braid with blue hair that is characteristic of the Migurd tribe, and the appearance of smiling with a slightly sleepy eye is a lovely finish.
The magician’s costume carefully delivered in the textures of the material of each part and wrinkles according to the movement of the body. Her light shadows and gradation painting are also important points.

The favorite canes are made of clear material, and even the smallest details are carefully modeled. Her hat is removable, and you can enjoy two different expressions. The price is 16,800 JPY.

“Sylphiette 1/7 scale figure” reproduces cute elf ears. The appearance of her rushing over here and reaching out is impressive.
Her clothes also pursue realism in every detail. By devising her modeling and painting of shadows, it is a product that conveys a sense of dynamism that sways softly according to her movements. The price is 14,500 JPY (all tax excluded).

Reservations are open from February 5 to April 14. The release date is scheduled for August for “Roxy Migurdia” and July for “Sylphiette”.

(C) Rifujin na Magonote / MF Books / “Mushoku Tensei” Production Committee