From TV Anime “Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen II”, the outline and some scenes from Episode 3 “Armor Reincarnation #3”, broadcast on Saturday, January 23, 2021, have been released in advance.

“Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen II” is based on the manga by Ayamiya Fumi, serialized in the manga app “GANMA!”. Set at an “Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen”, the energetic gag manga is full of laughter and lust.

Episode 3 is titled “Armor Reincarnation #3”.
A beautiful girl(?) elf, Selas, arrives at the shop when Kauts is tending the shop alone. But it was actually a test arranged by Narden to become a great erotic armor dealer!
Narden tries to make Selas wear various armor but…

TV anime “Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen II” Episode 3 “Armor Reincarnation #3” wasis broadcast on Tokyo MX and other channels from Saturday, January 23, 2021.

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