The released date of the movie “Kiniro Mosaic Thank you!!”, the compilation of “Kiniro Mosaic” that laid the foundation of the fluffy beauties anime, has been decided. The visual was released as well, and it be available in theatres in summer 2021.

This movie is based on the manga by Hara Yui that was serialized on “Manga Time Kirara MAX” from 2010 to 2020.
It a heartfelt comedy that depicts the daily life of the Japanese girls and English girl, which reunited as a classmate and became friends due to the homestay in England, along with their childhood friends.

In the key visual of “Kiniro Mosaic Thank you!!”, the cheerful appearance of Shinobu and others can be seen along with the full bloom sakura as the background.

The movie “Kiniro Mosaic Thank you!!” will be released in summer 2021.

(C)Hara Yui, Houbunsha/ Kiniro Mosaic Thank you!! Production Committee