A necklace inspired by the “Entry Plug” from the movie “Rebuild of Evangelion” has been released from U-TREASURE, which handles authentic character jewelry for adults. Currently, pre-orders are available on the U-TREASURE Online Shop.

“[EVANGELION] Entry Plug Necklace” is designed with sizes that make it easy to adopt the Entry Plug into fashion and make you want to wear it all the time.
It is inspired by the Entry Plugs of Unit-01 that Shinji gets on, Unit-02 that Asuka gets on, and Unit-00 that Rei gets on, and the materials are silver, K18 yellow gold / K18 pink gold, and platinum 950.

The price is 12,100 JPY for silver, 59,400 JPY for K18 yellow gold / K18 pink gold, and 77,000 JPY for platinum 950.
Pre-orders are available on the U-Treasure Online Shop until February 9, and it will be shipped sequentially from early June. It is also available at the directly managed U-TREASURE Concept Store Ikebukuro.

[EVANGELION] Entry Plug Necklace
Price including tax and materials: 12,100 JPY (silver), 59,400 JPY (K18 yellow gold / K18 pink gold), 77,000 JPY (platinum 950)
(C) Khara