The outline and preceding cut-scenes of episode 3 of the souryo slot and also ComicFesta Anime”‘s “Jimihen!!: Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu!!” have been announced.

“Jimihen!!: Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu!!” is based on the electronic manga “Jimiko ha Igai ni Erokatta!!” that is available on “ComicFesta” and other websites.
It a love story that started when the plainest female in the company become a super beauty after dressing up.

The title of episode 3 is “Swimsuits are unexpectedly wet”.
Ryouhei and Rena went to the beach along with everyone from the company. However, Ryouhei stays in the car as he twisted his ankle, but with Rena accompanying him, both of them are alone in an enclosed situation…!?

Since the swimsuit of Rena is too revealing and cute… He can’t hold back anymore…! Both of them embrace each other, but their co-worker Rie, who wanted to invite them to the barbeque, just happen to appear…

Episode 3 “Swimsuits are unexpectedly wet” of “Jimihen!!: Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu!!” has been broadcast on January 17, 2021, on TOKYO MX. Also, the premium version for adults will have a limited broadcast on “ComicFesta Anime”.

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