Necklaces with the design of the “Disney: Twisted-Wonderland” characters’ birthday will be released. Pre-orders are currently available on “Premium Bandai”.

The product is an accessory with which you can feel close to the characters’ birthday. This simple and compact size can match with various clothing.

The lineup is Riddle, Ace, Deuce, Trey, and Cater from “Heartslabyul”, Leona, Jack, and Ruggie from “Savanaclaw”, Azul, Jade, and Floyd from “Octavinelle”, Kalim and Jamil from “Scarabia”, Vil, Epel, and Rook from “Pomefiore”, Idia and Ortho from “Ignihyde”, and Malleus, Lilia, Silver, and Sebek from “Diasomnia”.

“Disney: Twisted-Wonderland Number Necklace” is priced at 5,500 JPY (tax included) each. Pre-orders are currently available on “Premium Bandai” until January 17, 2021, and shipping is scheduled for March 2021.