“Doraemon Kagami Mochi Goods” in which Doraemon and Dorami have become kagami mochi (stacked round rice cakes) are here. They are currently available on “Yuubinkyoku no Net Shop”.

The “Mochi Mochi Omochi Cushion Series” is Doraemon and Dorami as kagami mochi. The large cushions have a soft touch that you can’t resist. They will be a great choice to relax with during the New Year’s holidays.

The “Kagami Mochi Mascot Series” is a cute, small-sized mascot. It comes with an elastic strap, so you can decorate your bag or room, or hang it anywhere you want.

“Mochi Mochi Omochi Cushion Series” and “Kagami Mochi Mascot Series” are currently available on “Yuubinkyoku no Net Shop”.

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