From “Fate/Grand Order The Movie: Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot Part 1: Wandering; Agateram”, eyewear in collaboration with Zoff, a brand of glasses, will appear in celebration of the movie’s release. The eyewear will go on sale at the Zoff official online store and elsewhere from December 4, 2020.

This product, “Zoff x Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot”, features a lineup of frames (6 kinds in total) with an image of “Bedivere” and 6 other characters. Also included are illustrations of each character in their daily wear.

“Bedivere Model”

The design of the temples expresses the image of agateram, creating a metal frame with a delicate and gentle atmosphere.

A clean, casual outfit that is typical of his sincerity. The agateram peeking out from the rolled up sleeves is impressive.

“Mash Kyrielight Model”

The temples are decorated with crosses on the sides of the temples in the image of Marsh’s shield, and purple is used throughout the design in her image.

A white off-turner and miniskirt with work boots expresses innocent cuteness and strength.

“Gawain Model”

Galatine is expressed by using the entire temple (vine). The blue and black color is reminiscent of his cloak, giving a tighter impression.

Pairing a white T-shirt and sneakers with a blue shirt, you will have a mature and relaxed atmosphere.

“Lancelot Model”

The bold purple color with a strong presence gives this piece a powerful feel. It comes with a metal part that represents the shoulder portion of the armor.

The black military style with the same top and bottom and the hair color-matched innerwear gives a masculine and playful look to the outfit.

“Tristan Model”

The front bridge and temples are carved in the image of designs on armor. The accent color of the hair color is also a key point.

Long outerwear and a hat worn deep, a little enigmatic style. It shows his unemotional nature.

“Ozymandias Model”

This design features gold temples that give off a sense of dignity and opulence, with a design carved into the waistband of a combat uniform.

You can see the confidence of the King of the Desert in his style, with his cool and disheveled feet and collar while wearing a double suit.

Each frame also comes with an original case and a pair of glasses wipes. In addition, a visual card for each character is included as a special bonus. The visual cards and glasses wipes are newly drawn designs.

The price of “Zoff x Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot” is 10,000 JPY each (excluding tax). They will be available on the Zoff official online store and others from December 4, 2020.