The 4th series of “Token Ranbu Online × Japanese Fabric Long Wallet”, which is inspired by the Touken Danshi from “Touken Ranbu Online”, has been released on “PREMICO Online Shop” from November 26.

In the 4th series, craftsmen of Nishijin-ori, Ashikaga-ori, and Bishuu-ori weaved the beautiful patterns of the Touken Danshi’s costumes with traditional techniques.

“Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki 【Nishijin-ori】” has a stylish design inspired by the character’s costume, with the spirit of Sakamoto Ryouma, who looked ahead of his times. With the base design of repeatedly flowing ripples of water, it was given a striped pattern of blue waves, inspired by Kaientai’s flag, “Nibiki”.

“Tsurumaru Kuninaga 【Bishuu-ori】” is just like the character’s costume, with beautiful bands of crane wings, his sheath emblem, and chains embroider with gorgeous golden threads… The free spirit of Bishuu-ori added to the faint yet refreshing design, gives unexpected excitement to the fabric. The various nuances of “white” gives it an unconventional impression.

The line up also includes “Midare Toushirou 【Nishijin-ori】”, which is designed with an impressive pink-colored fabric inspired by Midare Toushirou, and “Daihannya Nagamitsu 【Ashikaga-ori】”, which was given a beautiful design of chic black coloring with the same pinstriped pattern as Daihannya Nagamitsu’s costume.

“Token Ranbu Online × Japanese Fabric Long Wallet” is priced at 19,800 JPY each (tax excluded). Orders are currently accepted on “PREMICO Online Shop”.

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