The “Black Tsurumaru Kuninaga”, from the stage play “Touken Ranbu” Gi-den: Akatsuki no Dokuganryu, has become a nendoroid. Pre-orders are currently available at Good Smile Online and other websites.

The product was announced as part of the 5th anniversary project of the male character specialty brand “Orange Rouge”.

It comes with parts for two different exchangeable facial expressions , a “normal expression” that gives off a bold impression and a “fighting expression” that has a smirk, so that you can enjoy different impressions.

Also, it possible to recreate a sword posture with either the sword sheathed or unsheathed. So you are able to have fun together with “Nendoroid Tsurumaru Kuninaga”.

“Nendoroid Stage Play ‘Touken Ranbu’ Gi-den: Akatsuki no Dokuganryu Tsurumaru Kuninaga” is priced at 4,500 JPY (tax included). The release is scheduled for May 2021.

(C)Stage Play “Touken Ranbu” Production Committee