Room fragrances inspired by “Disney’s Twisted Wonderland” such as the Heartslabyul and Pomefiore Dormitory are now available for preorder on Premium Bandai.

The bottle of room fragrance is decorated with the dormitory emblem in hot foil and a diecast charm designed in the motif of a ‘Magical Pen’ is attached to the bottle. When a stick (5 in total) is inserted into the frosted glass-like bottle, which is designed to blend in with the room, the sticks suck up the liquid and the fragrance spreads throughout the room.

There are a total of seven scents in the lineup, including the rose scent of the Heartslabyul and the fruity floral scent of the Pomefiore dormitory.

The Disney Twisted Wonderland Room Fragrance will be priced at 3,630 JPY each (tax included). Pre-orders are now being accepted on ‘Premium Bandai’.