From ‘Disney’s Twisted Wonderland’ comes a total of 29 oval stone rings and flat rings in the image of Heartslabyul and the other Dormitories. These rings are available on order, and pre-orders are now being accepted on the special site.

There are 7 kinds of oval stone rings that are made in the image of Heartslabyul Dormitory and Savanaclaw Dormitory. Oval colored stones like magic stones are used and the sides are designed in a classical atmosphere. The inside is engraved with the name of the dormitory to give the ring a special feel.

Also, the flat silver ring is designed with the patterns of each dormitory, including the Heartslabyul Dormitory, and is set with stones in the image color.
It’s also great that the design is slim and easy to wear over and over again.

The Disney Twisted Wonderland Oval Stone Ring will be 14,300 JPY each (tax included). The Disney Twisted Wonderland Flat Silver Ring will be 12,100 JPY each (tax included). They will be shipped in early March 2021.

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