The airing date of the original TV anime “Back Arrow”, a tag team of Taniguchi Gorou and Nakajima Kazuki Nakajima, has been decided. The latest key visuals have also been released. The work is scheduled to be broadcasted on two consecutive cours starting in January 2021.

The setting of this work is the world surrounded by walls, ‘Ringarindo’. One day, a mysterious man, Back Arrow, appears in the land where the idea that “walls are gods” is fundamental.
He says that he has lost his memory, but he knows that he came from “Outside the Wall”. In order to regain his memory, he goes outside the walls, but gradually becomes entangled in the conflict that surrounds him.

The latest key visual depicts Back Arrow and ‘Briheight’, the embodiment of his ‘beliefs’. Briheight is a person who wears a bracelet called ‘Bindwapper’ to realize his ‘beliefs’.
It was designed by Tenjin Hideki, who has done plastic model box art of “Macross” series and “Gundam” series.

In addition, a special talk show by Taniguchi Goro, the director of the work, and Nakajima Kazuki, who is responsible for the series and the script of all episodes, will be held online from November 6 to 8 at the “TAMASHII NATION 2020” event. They will deliver the latest information about the work.

The TV anime “Back Arrow” will be broadcasted in two consecutive cours starting in January 2021.

(C) Taniguchi Goro, NakajimaMA Kazuki, ANIPLEX/Back Arrow Production Committee