It was decided that the official fanbook of “Disney Twisted Wonderland” will be published by “Kodansha Disney Fan Editorial Department”. It will be released at nationwide bookstores from November 5.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland” is a smartphone game application that is inspired by the charms of the antagonist of Disney’s work (villains).

The official fanbook will not only introduce the dramatic story and scenes, but will also introduce the students hosting the villain’s soul as well as the unique characters. There will also be an analysis on the inspired Disney’s work, including “Alice in Wonderland” and “Lion King”, along with the villains.

Also, there will be an interview article with the 11 voice cast, including the 7 voice actors who voice the dormitory head of Night Raven College. There will also be an article on the trivia that the Disney Fan Editorial Department study by themselves.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland” FAN BOOK is priced at 3,200 JPY (tax excluded), and the release is scheduled on November 5, 2020.